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- Michelle T., Decor Junky Customer


All of our products are thoroughly quality inspected prior to shipment. If there's anything wrong with your product, we will replace it no questions asked.


All of our products ship directly from our warehouse located in New York to ensure you get your order (almost) as fast as Amazon. 


All of Decor Junky's orders are shipped within 1 business day. We work harder so that you don't have to.

paving the way for a new generation of Home decor

For a long time, there was no easy way to print an image on a large surface, such as a canvas, metal, or tapestry, without sacrificing a large amount of the image’s quality and beauty. This often resulted in a blurry, dull, and unimpressive product. Even if the original image was extremely high-definition, the larger printed image would always be of much lower quality and more underwhelming than its smaller counterpart.

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However, this reality is now a way of the past. The artificial intelligence employed by Decor Junky is able to use its training of over 1,000,000 different images to find and replace low-quality details within the image. This allows the AI to enhance the image to levels far beyond what the original was, resulting in a picture quality that is brilliantly clear, vibrant, and jaw-dropping to those lucky enough to view it in person.


Decor Junky metal hangings are thick, durable, and stunning plates of high-grade brushed aluminum that sit atop two 1.5" depth sawtooth hangers. 

The unique properties of brushed aluminum allow the colors of each design to shine through more vibrantly than any other form of art we have ever seen, while the 1.5" depth of the metal allows the image to, quite literally, jump off the wall, creating a surreal three-dimensional experience for everyone that is lucky enough to see it.

All of our gorgeous metal hangings are handmade and shipped right from the USA to ensure that the quality is unmatched.

We find it hard to believe that you could destroy one of our metal hangings even if you wanted to, but if anything ever happens to yours, we attach a full lifetime warranty to all of our products to make sure you and your new metal best friend stay together forever.

What we stand for

Before Decor Junky was created, I would spend a lot of my free time shopping around for art online. However, time and time again it seemed that I would be left waiting weeks for my order to arrive, not being able to reach anyone for customer service when checking on my order, and paying way too much money for a subpar product. 

So, one day I sat down and listed all of the recurring problems that I would have with online retailers. Eventually, I realized that there was one common problem between all of the businesses I had purchased from: they were too focused on making money, and not focused on the customer's experience! 

From this realization, Decor Junky was born. I set out to flip the script, put the customer first, and build the company that I always wished I could've shopped at. 

With U.S. based phone, text, and web chat customer service, gorgeous canvas and metal products produced locally in the United States, handmade tapestries crafted from luxurious fabrics, 1 business day processing times, lightning fast shipping from the United States, lifetime warranties on every product, a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, quality checks on every product, and exclusively curated art from around the world, I am happy to say that Decor Junky is a brand that I would be thrilled to shop with.

D.C. Turner

Co-Founder and CEO, Decor Junky


We have three different sizes, all displayed in inches, to ensure that your metal hanging is the perfect fit for any size space in your home.

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