Wall Tapestries in 2021: 10 Tapestry Repurposing Tips

Tapestries have been hung on walls as a form of decor or communication for many centuries. Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians used tapestries to wrap the bodies of the dead when burying them. The Greek Empire had several civic buildings that had their walls covered in tapestries.

People like wall tapestries because they are lightweight and easy to hang. They don't require extensive carpentry work to hang, and usually only a nail or two will hold some of the heavier tapestries. The lighter-weight pieces can even be hung with thumbtacks. When shopping for tapestries, you'll find many that depict everyday scenes as well as ones that give you a glimpse into moments throughout history that are of political, social or religious importance. 

You'll also find a lot of Mandala and bohemian tapestries that are bright and multi-colored with various designs or symbols woven into them. And that's the great thing about wall tapestries. You can easily find pieces that meet your preferences, including ones in literally any color, shape, size, and with any design.

Probably one of the best things about wall tapestries is that you can use them for multiple purposes. Did you know you can even use one as a bedspread or a tablecloth? Keep reading to learn about the many ways people like you are using a wall tapestry in 2020. These 10 repurposing tips for tapestries are sure to help you get the most out of your new (and old) pieces. 

Ways to Use Wall Tapestries in 2020

Before we look at repurposing tips, here’s a look at six neat ways to use a wall tapestry. 

1. Curtains

Tapestries are especially helpful in filtering the light that comes through the windows in your home or office. Instead of using blinds, hang a tapestry over each window, and make sure it filters the light in a color that brings a sense of peace and serenity. If you hang multiple tapestries in a single room, you'll probably want each piece to be of similar color as this will help create more filtered light in the color you want in each room.

Use the color guide below to learn which colors are associated with various emotions:

  • Red: anger, passion, embarrassed
  • Green: envy, nature, calm
  • Blue: sadness, calmness
  • White: purity, innocence
  • Black: darkness
  • Orange: attention
  • Pink: Romantic, kind
  • Purple: Enlighten, wealth, mysterious
  • Yellow: Happy, warm, energy


2. Wake up with positive vibes

Want to add a bit of energy to the bedroom that helps you wake up better in the mornings? If so, you should definitely hang a zodiac tapestry on a wall in the bedroom or even along the ceiling. For a really neat effect, hang the zodiac tapestry halfway from the ceiling and halfway on the wall. In doing this, the tapestry will hang lower and closer to you when you're laying in bed, making it easier for you to look at it. Add some glow lights near the tapestry to create even more energy in the room.


3. Tablecloth

One of the easiest ways to give your dining area a revamp is by using a tapestry as a tablecloth. You can purchase wall tapestries in any color and size, easily allowing you to choose pieces that match your decor preferences. If you want to add vibrancy to the dining area, make sure to choose a wall tapestry that has bright colors. If you want to bring down the energy in the dining area and create a more calming effect, then you'll want to use a wall tapestry that features pastel or light colors. Also, for a more calming effect, choose a tapestry that doesn't have a heavy amount of designs on it. Instead, it should be soothing for the eyes to look at.


4. Picnic Blanket

Ever gone to the park only to wish you had brought a blanket? Instead of a blanket, you can always use a wall tapestry to sit on. You can use it to have a picnic when you’re at the park, and it easily folds up and doesn't take up hardly any space in the car. Since it's so lightweight, it's very easy to carry. Many of them will even fit inside your purse. 

Not only are wall tapestries great for picnics at the park, but they also work well at music festivals and on the beach. A lot of hikers take them on hiking trips because they are lightweight. 

When shopping for a wall tapestry in 2020 to use as a blanket, make sure it's machine washable. If you buy a wall tapestry online, the item’s description should state whether the art piece can be washed and how. 


5. Cover the Back of the Couch

Tapestries work well as throw covers when you hang them over the back of a couch. These art pieces also make it easy to cover up stains and holes on furniture when using them as throw covers. 


6. Floor Rug

When using a wall tapestry as a rug, make sure to keep in mind that it will likely get dirty faster than tapestries hanging from the wall or ceiling. To use a tapestry as a rug, you will want to secure it over top of a rug you already have. You can staple the tapestry over top of the rug, stapling it to the rug’s underside, or you can use velcro strips to attach the tapestry over the rug. To keep the tapestry from getting so dirty, ask guests to remove their shoes before stepping on it. 


7. Create 3-Dimensional Spaces

Hanging wall tapestries from the ceiling is an excellent way to create 3-dimensional spaces throughout the home or office. So often the ceiling is forgotten as decorative space and instead only viewed as a form of cover. But in all actuality, the ceiling can provide coverage to the room while also featuring a wall tapestry. If you use a light-colored wall tapestry on the ceiling, this can create a sense of extra vertical space in the room.


8. Headboard for the Bed

Want a headboard for your bed but don't have one that connects to your bed's frame? Or maybe you use a mattress that sits on the floor as your bed, making it difficult to add a headboard. With a wall tapestry, you can hang the piece directly over your bed where you would want the headboard to be. With a wall tapestry as a headboard, you will bring uniqueness to the room, especially when you use one that reflects who you are and what you desire in life.


9. Wallpaper

Want to spruce up the look of an area or room in your home but don’t want to spend money and time on painting? With a wall tapestry, you can cover an entire wall, which means it will almost look as if you’ve covered the wall in wallpaper. When using a wall tapestry to cover an entire wall, you’ll first need to measure it so you can shop for a piece in the right size. Also, keep in mind that the tapestry doesn’t need to hang flush with the wall when you hang it. Instead, it should hang about one-half inch from the wall. This helps avoid moisture build-up between the wall and tapestry, which is pertinent for preserving the beauty of the tapestry. 


10. Gift Wrap

If you have any wall tapestries you no longer want, don’t throw them out. Depending on their size, they may work as gift wrap. If it’s a large tapestry, you can cut it into smaller sizes and use it to wrap several gifts. Tapestries work well as gift wrap and make it simple to add a personalized touch to gifts while also giving you a way to repurpose old tapestries. 


Final Thoughts

You’re going to love shopping for wall tapestries. With so many designs, colors, shapes, and sizes available, you will find yourself wanting to use these art pieces in almost every room throughout your house. Need help choosing a tapestry or want to learn more about the different ways to use tapestries? Contact us now!