The Most Unique Abstract Art Pieces for Your Wall

Your home is your oasis. A place of respite from the outside world where you can relax, surrounded by the things that inspire you and bring you peace. Your home also serves as a reflection of who you are. When guests enter your home, they should be able to pick up on a vibe that gives them some inkling of your personality.

Creating this oasis requires color, texture, lighting and scent. When decorating a space, you should engage all of your senses to find a style that makes you feel completely at peace and reflects your personality.

Hanging imagination-engaging abstract art on the walls is one way to make a house feel like a home. You can reflect your spiritual side with an image of a lotus blossom or create a sanctuary for meditation with art that depicts your spiritual goals.


floating lotus canvas decor junky


meditation canvas purple decor junky


Celebrate your furry friend and show you’re firmly in Camp Cat by hanging an abstract kitty painting on your wall. This close-up and cute little face might charm even the dog lovers who visit.

rainbow cat canvas decor junky

One of the defining characteristics of abstract art is that it isn’t supposed to look like anything. Reflect a modern aesthetic with a metal-inspired piece on your wall.

geometric metal canvas

Alternatively, add a splash of color if being surrounded by bright and fun art makes you happy.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a piece of abstract art for your home is to pick something that makes you content, whether you envision yourself a wanderer or an adventurer.


Your home should always feel like the calm center of a storm.