Tapestry Tips You Need to Know About When Choosing a Wall Tapestry

Tapestries are available in many sizes and with almost any design and print. You can even create your own. Unlike many pieces of art, tapestries are generally very thin. Because they are light in weight, they can easily be hung from the wall or ceiling without causing extensive damage to the structure it is hanging from. All you need is a nail or two, or even thumb tacks, to hang tapestries. 

As you begin shopping for tapestries, you will quickly notice that there are many types to choose from. This is why it’s important to take several factors into consideration when choosing the pieces you want to hang. Keep these factors in mind when shopping for tapestries and also when making them. 

Here’s a look at tips you need to know when choosing a wall tapestry

Think About The Purpose of the Tapestry Hanging

Before you shop for a wall tapestry, you must consider what its purpose is going to be. 

Add Art and Color Without Painting

One of the main reasons that people use tapestries is because they allow you to add art and color to a room without having to paint the walls. Tapestries are available in any size, with custom sizes accessible through multiple vendors. If your goal is to add color and vibrancy to a room, you should have no problem finding a variety of tapestries to choose from. 

Save Money and Time

Not having to paint the walls saves both time and money. You don’t have to go through the hassle of choosing different paint colors, cutting-in the room, painting trim and baseboard, or painting the walls. Instead, you can just hang a wall tapestry in the matter of only a few minutes. 

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Soundproof the Walls

Some people use them to soundproof their walls. Instead of doing actual structural work to the walls to add sound proofing, the tapestries can add some soundproofing to them with no need for structural changes. 

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Create a Sense of Serenity

Another reason that many people hang tapestries is because they want to visually display that the home has a mind, body and soul connection. The tapestry itself is usually made out of a textile fabric. You can buy tapestries with thin or thick fabric. Pictures and designs are usually woven into the fabric by embroidering. Because literally any design and color can be woven into a tapestry, it’s simple to create a tapestry that details the symbols and designs you cherish as being important for a mind, body and soul connection. 

Set the Mood

Even if you don't have any certain designs, symbols or colors that hold a special meaning to you, you can still create or purchase a tapestry that creates an atmosphere you desire. Brighter colors are great for adding color and vibrance to any area. Some tapestries even depict entire scenes, making it simple to convey multiple emotions and environments. Many people say tapestries will lift energy in a space, easily helping them create a vibe that sends a sense of serenity through the room’s atmosphere.

Cover Large, Empty Wall Spaces

If you want a tapestry to cover an entire wall in your home or office, you must consider the size of the wall first. You may need to have a tapestry custom made to fit your wall. There are pics you can view online to see what a room will look like if you add a tapestry to cover an entire wall, or even just part of the wall. Looking at these pics will help you choose a wall tapestry that meets your preferences and helps create the mood you want to set. 

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Conversation Starters

Tapestries are conversation starters. There’s a good chance that people who see it will ask questions about the designs and symbols that are woven into it. If you don’t want the tapestry to serve as a conversation starter, you may want to choose a piece that doesn’t have any symbols and designs in it. Instead, you can choose a piece that features the colors you want that will set the mood you desire. 

Types of Wall Tapestries

Here’s a look at different wall tapestries and the types of atmospheres they can help you create. 

Mandala Wall Tapestry

A Mandala tapestry is often used as a way to spruce up a home with Hinduism or Buddhism decor. This type of decor typically represents the universe. Mandala tapestries are a popular choice among those wanting to create a positive environment. You can easily add color to any room or area within your home by hanging a mandala tapestry from the wall or ceiling.

Omber Floral Wall Tapestry

If you want a tapestry that provides a hippie look combined with bohemian design, you should shop for omber floral wall tapestries. Keep in mind that these tapestries are often used for multiple purposes, like ceiling covers, table covers, bedspreads, and even as window curtains.

War, Social and Political Tapestries

A lot of tapestries depict war scenes and various other moments throughout history. These pieces are often very dramatic, but they can provide an incredibly detailed glimpse back into time, especially those moments of social and political importance. The tapestries that are of this kind generally come in large and extra large sizes. Take for example Norman conquest. A piece measuring 230 feet wide and 20 inches tall provides detailed glimpses into the timeline preceding and during the Norman Conquest. This piece is a massive conversation starter as it is often viewed as a complete narrative art.

Abstract Tapestries

Many of today’s contemporary tapestries feature abstract art. You should make sure the tapestry you choose and its abstractness will complement any existing decor you want to hang it near. Abstract tapestries are available in almost any size and shape. Some are rectangular, square, circular, and even triangular. 

Where to Shop for Wall Tapestries

Another important part of choosing a wall tapestry is knowing where to buy one. Some tapestries are so thin that they fall apart within a short period of time. You want to steer clear of those tapestries. 

You can buy tapestries art pieces online as well as through many offline vendors. Some people prefer to see a tapestry in person before buying one. Seeing one in person allows you to feel the fabric and its thickness. However, there are also a lot of online vendors who describe in detail the type and thickness of each tapestry they sell. When buying online, make sure to check the specs and description of the piece you want to buy. This will help ensure you choose a tapestry that meets your preferences. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a wall tapestry doesn’t have to be a hassle. Once you buy a piece, you should then take time to learn how to hang it correctly. Hanging the tapestry as it should be will help preserve its beauty, which is crucial to ensuring the piece can help set the atmosphere you want. If you need help choosing a tapestry, make sure to reach out. We are here to answer all of your questions.