8 Best Tapestries for Your Man Cave

Every room in your home serves a purpose. But there's one room that exists to give a man an escape from all the stresses of everyday life. That room is the man cave.

The man cave may have originally been a spare bedroom, garage or basement. But properly outfitted, it becomes a space a man can call his very own. As we’ll see, finding the perfect wall hanging or tapestry can go a long way towards making your space a great place to get away from it all.

What Exactly Is A Man Cave?


Men need a place to keep their stuff. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, neon beer signs, toys from childhood, or a collection of antique fly fishing lures… This is the space for all the things the wife or girlfriend typically doesn’t want to see in the rest of the house.

If you see a room with a wall full of mounted deer heads or tacky signs that proclaim the importance of things like fishing, golf, and drinking beer, chances are you’ve found the man cave. But the man cave isn’t necessarily for being alone. While it can serve as a Fortress of Solitude, this is also a place where a man can host friends for a poker game or to watch sports on the big screen TV. 

Remember: The man cave is “invitation only,” so wives, girlfriends, and kids aren’t usually allowed. That said, if the man in charge of the man cave approves it, the space can also serve as a game room, a cozy bar, or place to host “movie night.”


Benefits of a Man Cave


The stress response is designed to help men survive life-or-death situations. However, stress hormones have a huge negative effect on the human body when they remain in the body. Problems can include high blood pressure and even depression. Spending time in a comfortable and welcoming environment away from everyday stressors is a great way to clear your head and relax and minimize the harmful effects of stress.

Aside from the health benefits, there may be financial benefits. You may be surprised to learn that the man cave, complete with a wet bar, pool table and all the toys a man needs, may = raise the resale value of your house.


Factors To Consider When Designing A Man Cave

So you see that it’s important to create a peaceful space to recharge and escape from the typical duties of the “head of the household.” You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. All you really need is privacy. What’s the point of having your personal space without any privacy?

As mentioned, the perfect hideaway can start with a spare bedroom, a garage, or basement room. You’ll just want to outfit the space with some comfortable furniture and whatever else you need to make relaxation easy. Your space doesn’t have to be dark and smoky (unless you want it to be!). It can be whatever your imagination can conjure—remember, this is your space to do with as you please. 

Feeling at a loss as to what you should outfit your man cave with? Dakota Storage Buildings has a handy checklist of items “that will take any Man Cave from dull to the go-to hangout.” One thing we feel they left off their list: Tapestries! 

Fabric wall hangings are great man cave accessories. There’s a good chance that visitors to your man cave will ask questions about the designs and symbols that are woven into it, so you want to choose designs that fit your theme. If you don’t want the tapestry to serve as a conversation starter, for example, you can always choose a wall hanging that doesn’t have any symbols and designs in it. There are plenty of tapestries that will set the mood you desire. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect hideaway, a peaceful place where you can recharge and escape from the typical duties of a dad and husband.

8 Best Tapestries For A Man Cave

Let’s look at some of our popular man cave tapestries.

Geometric Tropical Tapestry 

Appreciate life from different angles with a nature-inspired wall hanging to add an element of the outdoors. With a simple design and subtle shades of blues and purples, this unusual design with jungle leafs and an upside down triangle reflecting the jungle makes a creative addition to your sanctuary.

Milky Way Galaxy Tapestry 

This mesmerizing wall hanging adds a brilliant touch to your room. The dramatic color palette features all shades of black, navy blue and purple in one intense, mysterious cosmic environment. 

Space Vibes Tapestry 

Here’s another option for the stargazer in each of us. The Space Vibes wall hanging features an astronaut making new, exciting discoveries. The striking piece features a black background with hints of color to complement the design of your man cave. This tapestry highlights the idea that the tiniest discovery in the enormous universe can make a huge difference.

Antique World Map Tapestry 

Here’s another one for the Navy man. Follow the path taken by early explorers with this sienna-hued wall hanging. See what the world would have looked like to curious minds a long time ago. The decorative piece complements a home office or bedroom if you decide it doesn’t fit your man cave theme.

Signal Flare Tapestry 

For all sci-fi lovers this Signal Flare design with futuristic vibes is a great addition to the sci-fi den. 

Big Ideas Tapestry 

If you are using your man cave as a working space free from distraction of the outside world then this “Big Ideas” design will surely be a creative addition and maybe even ignite some grand ideas. 

Forgotten Tapestry 

Just like our “Signal Flare” tapestry, this “Forgotten” design is giving out calming and at the same time mystic futuristic vibes. This design is perfect for giving that extra calming vibrance to your man cave.

City In The Sky Tapestry

This “City In The Sky” design will have you questioning is the sky the limit?
We say, of course not! Your imagination is the limit, use it and go beyond the limit. 

How to Hang a Tapestry

So, you’ve selected the right tapestry for your man cave. Now what? How you hang it is something you need to think about and plan for.

If it’s a light tapestry, you can use velcro, Command Strips, or even tacks to hang a tapestry if you don’t want to damage your walls. 

Heavy tapestries may require the use of wall anchors and wall mounts. On average, rods with a diameter of a 1/2 to 3/4 diameter will hold the weight of tapestries that are 2 to 10 lbs. If you hang the tapestry using a curtain rod, make sure the rod will fit through the holes or pocket of the tapestry (if it has them). You will push the rod through the holes of the tapestry and secure it in the brackets on the wall. The last step is securing rod finials to each end of the rod.

When hanging the tapestry, you’ll want to hang it so that its focal point is eye-level. Even though you may want to hang the tapestry flush with the wall, keep in mind that this can result in mold growth behind the fabric in damp environments. To avoid this, make sure the tapestry is hanging at least a 1/2 inch from the wall.

Additional Man Cave Design Tips

Whether you opt for a sportsman’s paradise theme, an audiophile’s lair, or a nostalgia-filled mini-museum full of historical mementos, your man cave should be the one part of the house where masculine energy meets interior design. There’s no shortage of design advice out there, if you’re looking for inspiration. Check out HGTV’s “fresh takes on man caves” portfolio, for example. 

Regardless of the tapestry you choose or the theme you use for your space, the important thing is that you do what makes you feel comfortable. You want your room to allow you to recharge, to give you the feeling of peace and wellbeing that you just can’t find anywhere else in your house—or anywhere else on earth.