13 Tapestries Inspired By The Natural World

City life doesn’t leave much time for the great outdoors. A dorm room or apartment can feel depressing when you’d rather be among the trees, hiking in the mountains or fishing a quiet lake at sunrise. You may feel like there’s no way to connect with Mother Nature. But a nature tapestry can help you do exactly that!

In the modern, technology-driven world, nature continues to inspire us in many ways. From a single autumn leaf gently wafting to the ground to a breathtaking comet blazing through the night sky, Mother Nature continues to remind us of our place in the Universe.

Many artists have made a name for themselves producing artwork inspired by nature. In museums and private collections around the world, the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe and many others remind us how the natural world can inspire an artist to create beauty on the canvas.

One of the most remarkable painters ever, Henri Matisse once said: “An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.”

This expression is not limited to painting. Nature tapestries showcase some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and textile artists inspired by landscapes have created works of art worthy of the world’s great museums.

But these tapestries can also be affordable and practical for just about anyone to use when decorating their home. A blank wall is really a blank canvas. Your “painting” can be a starry sky, a tropical waterfall, a rainforest or vast desert. It’s really up to you and what you feel inspired by.


Why A Nature Tapestry?

Tapestries are a unique form of wall art because they can fill an entire wall, cover a small window, or even hang from the ceiling overhead. They are easy to move, and they are easier to hang than paintings or photographs. A well-chosen nature wall tapestry can completely transform the look of a room. 

Nature-inspired wall hangings also make a great gift for friends and family. If you know someone who just moved into a dorm room or apartment, consider an affordable item from our nature collection. As a bedroom decoration, picnic blanket, bedspread, beach towel or window covering, a tapestry livens up the environment and will remind them of you for years to come.


13 Inspiring Nature Tapestries

Are you ready to bring nature indoors with the perfect wall art for your home? Here are just a few of the nature-inspired tapestries we offer. We hope at least one of them will inspire you today!


Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis Tapestry 

The Northern Lights bring a dream-like quality to any room, with shining stars and shades of purple, mint green and blue lighting up the night sky. Look straight up from your forest hideaway into the glowing night sky. This makes a great ceiling tapestry!


Meteor Shower Tapestry

Find inspiration in a fantastic field of shooting stars. The mesmerizing wall hanging stands out in any room with its vibrant visuals of bright stars and the distant silhouette of a person. The cosmic theme evokes a happy and adventurous mood.


Ancient Forest Tapestry 

As with our Aurora Borealis Tapestry, this nighttime scene shows the trees silhouetted against the glorious night sky above. Stargazing among the trees—does it get any better than this?


Deep Forest Waterfall

Here’s another forest getaway theme for the camping lovers. Sit peacefully and imagine the sound of the waterfall and chirping of the birds as you look at this classic "Deep Forest Waterfall" design. This tapestry comes in three sizes and makes a perfect addition to any bedroom or living space.


Italian Alps

Feeling stuck in the “urban jungle”? Hit the road to the Italian Alps and freedom. Even when you can’t take a day off work, this piece of art will remind you that the road is always there, ready when you are.


Fireflies Tapestry

What secrets does the forest hold? Venture through the woods with this "Fireflies" design and you can discover mysteries of nature any time you wish.


Morning Peaks Tapestry 

Trees. Sky. Snowy mountain peaks. Soft and soothing colors fold into each other with this popular "Morning Peaks" design. This one makes a great backdrop for a warm room with a “ski lodge” vibe.


Waterfall Views Tapestry 

This “Waterfall Views” design will instantly transport you to an invigorating waterfall scene. Peer out from your undiscovered hideout at the overhanging, verdant treetops and ancient rock formations.


Beautiful Lakefront Tapestry

Take in the majestic mountains and tranquil waters with this fabulous nature-inspired tapestry. Many tapestries are inspiring and motivating. This one, however, is good for a study, bedroom or living room. The serene, scenic wall hanging shows a perfectly still lake reflecting majestic mountains, tree-lined shores and gentle sunshine touching the surface of the water.


The Great Wave off Kanagawa Tapestry

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a famous Japanese artwork that depicts the view of Mount Fuji in Japan. The beautiful wall hanging awash in a sea of blues is truly a stunning visual that creates a sense of nature’s power.


New Horizons Tapestry

With it’s calming colors, this inspiring tapestry can be perfect to sooth your mood and adds a sense of relaxation to a room.


Nature Lover's Tapestry

Unleash your powers of contemplation and observation under this lavish tree canopy full of color and light! Lose yourself among the trees with this gorgeous wall hanging. Add tranquility to a room with inspiring imagery that makes you want to get lost in the moment. The glorious summer forest is bursting with life and will be sure to bring you a happy wanderlust mood every time you’re looking at it.


Sunset Over Waves Tapestry

Look out over a sweeping beach view, perfect for a room where you plan to unwind a lot. This sunset tapestry is equally good to evoke a dreamy wanderlust feeling or create a peaceful, romantic mood at the end of a busy day. A soothing color palette brings a cozy calming atmosphere to the room.