8 Best Tapestries for Yoga Studios

Maybe you operate a yoga studio that’s open to the public. Or maybe you simply want to practice yoga at home. Either way, this article will help you beautify your space and get the most from your yoga routine. 

Originally a spiritual practice intended to train the body and mind for self-awareness, yoga has become a popular path towards physical and spiritual development. Its health benefits include reduced stress, increased relaxation and greater flexibility. Whether they do it at the gym, at the park or at home, 36 million Americans practice yoga

The effectiveness of yoga is greatly influenced by the space where it’s done. The right tapestry can transform your studio space and help you cultivate mindfulness and body awareness.

Tapestries for yoga studios can be inexpensive, attractive alternatives to curtains, blinds or other window adornments. More versatile and affordable than other kinds of wall art and wall hangings, fabric tapestries serve many purposes (as we will see).

Yoga and The Seven Chakras

Before we talk about tapestries, let’s take a look at the ancient, spiritual principles behind modern yoga practice. Tradition holds that a person's life force energy (otherwise known as "prana") travels through channels ("nadis") in the body. These nadis intersect at areas of intense energy that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. These areas are called “chakras” (pronounced “CHOCK-rahs”), a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” Chakra balancing is a form of healing that focuses on channelling energy within the human body.

Remember, the intent is to be mindful and to bring awareness to your chakra energy centers., ultimately bringing harmony and balance to yourself and your environment. While you practice your chakra yoga poses, be mindful of the seven chakras:

  • First Chakra: Root (Red): This chakra's role is to connect all your energy with the Earth, being grounded. Starts at the base of your spine.
  • Second Chakra: Sacral (Orange): Associates feeling and experiencing pleasure and pain. Located right below the belly button.
  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus (Yellow): Where your self-confidence, identity and happiness reside. Located in the center of the belly button.
  • Fourth Chakra: Heart (Green): Relates to unconditional love and trust, compassion and understanding. Located in your heart center.
  • Fifth Chakra: Throat (Blue): This chakra provides the energy for you to speak and is associated with self-expression. Located in the middle of the collarbone.
  • Sixth Chakra: The third eye (Indigo): Opens up the mind to information beyond the material world. Located between the eyebrows.
  • Seventh Chakra: Crown (White/Purple): Provides enlightenment and higher energy connection; Located at the top of your head.

Create A Yoga Sanctuary at Home

Imagine not having to drive across town to a community yoga studio. Imagine not having to follow a class schedule. Imagine having the freedom to practice yoga on your own time, in a space where you feel comfortable!

Set aside a sanctuary at home if you prefer to balance your chakras alone (or with a partner). What size is best for a home yoga studio? As a rule of thumb, you should allow at least 21 square feet per person. Some poses (warrior or dancer, for example) may call for a little more elbow room. 

More intensive practitioners may require some yoga equipment, such as:

  • Yoga blocks for “extending” your arms
  • Yoga straps for getting deep into certain poses.
  • Yoga bolsters for restorative poses

Keep things simple if your yoga space is just for you. All you really need is enough room for a yoga mat!

Additional Yoga Studio Design Tips

Yoga studios always have a reception area; some even have a lounge area where students can unwind following a session. Most yoga studios have motivational posters and photographs of remote areas of the world in these areas. These are fine, but remember: your reception area gives the first impression of the studio. Make sure the ambiance is welcoming, that every aspect of the decor speaks to  what makes your studio a special place.

Whether you have a commercial studio or a home studio, it’s all about creating the ambiance needed to foster calmness and introspection. Aside from finding the perfect tapestry, what should you think about as you design your yoga studio?

  • Mirrors. If you are a yoga instructor, mirrors can help your students observe their technique. In a home studio, however, mirrors are more often a distraction than a benefit. 
  • Doors. Sliding entry doors allow people to enter quietly and give more space (no risk of doors swinging into people). If you have a single room but want to divide it into two different areas, a large tapestry can be used for that as well (though you’ll need something more substantial if soundproofing is required).
  • Floors. As for the floors, you should avoid concrete, hardwood flooring, carpet or tile flooring. The best choices for yoga studio flooring are bamboo or cork, or (if the flooring is hard), at least use a large rubber mat. Interlocking tiles are great to cover a large area and for dampening sounds.
  • Lights. Keep the lighting intimate. Keep the lighting low by using dimming bulbs and soft, low-wattage lamps. If you are using candles, make sure there are no fire hazards.
  • Windows. Although they’re great for natural light, you may not want outsiders peering into the studio. If you have windows in your studio, tapestries can protect your students’ privacy and reduce distractions.
  • Walls. Remember: Not having to paint the walls saves both time and money. You don’t have to choose paint colors if you’re simply hanging wall tapestry in the matter of only a few minutes. 

A clear mind requires a clear space, so resist the urge to clutter your home studio. Still, a few items can make a world of difference. For example, an essential oil diffuser and small plants can  boost mood, improve focus, and relieve stress.  And if you're practicing Iyengar yoga (which uses the wall for building strength and flexibility), you may want to forget about hanging paintings and shelves—you don’t want anyone knocking those down.

8 Best Tapestries For Your Yoga Studio

Tree of Life Tapestry 

Let your dreams soar with the Tree of Life Tapestry. The uplifting wall hanging features a delicate design, gorgeous green hues and is a lovely reminder of growth and transformation. The Tree of Life carries a powerful spiritual meaning and symbolizes positive enthusiasm, balance, power, harmony and love. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it’s also a foundational lifestyle item for many people.

Galaxy Mandala Tapestry

Cultivate peace and harmony in your yoga studio with this stunning galaxy mandala tapestry. The alluring mandala wall hanging boasts a black background and bold colors infused with a beautiful floral pattern. You can literally feel it radiating the good vibes and that signature hippie look and feel. The mandala carries a powerful spiritual meaning that will help your creative spirit run free. Your room will burst to life the moment this tapestry finds its way into your home.

Meditation Tapestry

Expand the energy of your space and mind with the inspiring Meditation Tapestry. The tapestry features a silhouette of a person deep in meditation. The colorful cosmic background is fused with delicate lines and geometric patterns symbolizing the complexity of the Universe and the difficulties of maintaining calmness and focus in the world full of distractions. Vibrant colors beautify any room and remind you of peace and harmony. Whether you’re a yoga aficionado or just want to create an environment where your focus and contemplation can thrive, this meditation tapestry will do the trick. 

Electric Mandala Tapestry 

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols that calls to mind the intricacies of the universe. This mandala will oversee your spiritual journey of self-improvement. This tapestry features a splash of pastel tones that catches the eye with its striking age-old symbol known for its powers of manifestation. The dark, sleek mandala symbol is beautifully silhouetted against the fanciful background. Everything in this tapestry speaks harmony and balance.

Purple Galaxy Tapestry

Energize a yoga space with our Purple Galaxy Tapestry. The cosmic wall hanging catches the eye with captivating imagery of vast stars and the incredible beauty of the unknown. With this beautiful piece of art, imagination runs wild and makes you think about the yet unexplored, mysterious horizons. 

Vibrant Elephant Tapestry 

This vibrant elephant tapestry is an explosion of vivid colors, ranging from turquoise and crimson to yellow and ultramarine. The elephant is known for being a symbol of strength and power. This tapestry transforms your studio into a space full of color, light and perfect harmony.

Bohemian Tapestry 

The mandala embodies one’s spiritual journey, so if you’re looking to create a meaningful design, this is the tapestry to go for.  Light and airy, the Bohemian Mandala Tapestry brings a calming feel to a room. The playful wall hanging features a delicate design with contrasting cool blues and greens, making for an attractive addition to any area in the home.

Vibrant Peacock Tapestry

Focus on the stunning circle of multi-colored feathers. The hypnotic blend of colors and numerous details create a feeling of timelessness and inspire you to free your creative spirit and fulfill your dreams. With purple and pink accents that adds a romantic touch to your studio, this wall hanging creates an atmosphere of peace, inspiration and love.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Tapestry

There are a few factors to consider when buying a tapestry for the yoga studio (or dedicated room in your home). 

Is Your Tapestry Machine Washable?

Eventually, you’ll need to clean your tapestry. Tapestry Galaxy tapestries are machine washable and dryable. The vibrant, rich colors of our yoga studio tapestries do not fade even after multiple washings. You can minimize wear and tear by washing it on a gentle cycle in cold water. For extra safety, use a  pouch or mesh laundry wash bag—the kind that keep underwear, tights, and other delicates from getting tangled in the wash. Hang dry your tapestry in a shaded space.

Is a Tapestry Within Your Budget?

Tapestries were once a luxury art afforded only by the wealthy. Today, many large-scale handwoven wall hangings are too expensive for those on a budget. But some wall hangings are surprisingly low-cost. Tapestry Galaxy tapestries are affordable, and they come with a 365-Day money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. 

What Material Is Used?

Tapestry Galaxy tapestries are made of ultra-soft, silky 3x thick 100% polyester, which boasts amazing resistance to stains, mildew and dust. These prints are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while also being three times more durable and robust. Wrinkle-free polyester products are affordable, yet lightweight, soft, and resistant to fading.

What Size Tapestry Do You Want?

In many cases, your tapestry should be large enough to cover a section of your wall. Or if it’s covering a window, of course it will need to be at least as big as the window. If you want a tapestry to cover an entire wall in your home or office, you may need to have a tapestry custom made to fit your wall. 

Does Your Tapestry Come With A Warranty?

Tapestry Galaxy offers a full 365 days for you to return your tapestry. Wherever you get your yoga tapestry, make sure it has a hassle-free return policy.

Is Hanging Your Wall Tapestry Easy?

When hanging the tapestry, make sure its focal point is eye-level. Heavy tapestries may require wall anchors and wall mounts. Use a rod and wall brackets to hang the tapestry by pushing the rod through the eye sockets of the tapestry. Next, secure it to the brackets on the wall. The last step is securing rod finial to each end of the rod. Be careful not to damage your studio walls!

If your tapestry is lightweight, you can usually use velcro or clamps to hang it. If your tapestry doesn’t have eye sockets (holes) and it’s light enough, you may be able to use push pins in the corner of the tapestry. Space the pins a little closer than the length of the tapestry for a nice draped look. If the pins leave small holes in your wall, don’t worry—they’ll be easy to fill in. If you don’t want any holes in the wall (even tiny ones), you may be able to use Command strips or hooks

Don’t hang  your new tapestry in the direct sun or it might fade. Observe how the direct sun is lighting your room all over the year to avoid surprises! Hanging a tapestry near a kitchen or a very odorous room can be a tragic olfaction experience: the tapestry material will absorb the ambient smell.